Welcome to Illuminate!, A Linda Clayton Wisdom Deck – 42 Divinely inspired images for all life’s journeys. From the first card you select, you will embark on a very special journey, the journey to your inner self.  These magical cards are the gateway, leading you into the sacred space of inner awareness. They also serve as mirrors, reflecting your self back to you in all its beauty and complexity, allowing you to “see” who you are in new and unexpected ways. Created by the artist Linda Clayton, and psychologist/psychotherapist Dr. Jan Seward, the cards are unique in their ability to inspire, engage, and illuminate !

These wisdom cards were conceived from a very simple truth: From the moment we are born, our lives are in a constant flow of growth and transformation; until our final passage, we navigate a continuous river of new beginnings, transitions, and endings.  These cards will travel with you on your voyage, celebrating with you as you laugh, dance, play.  In uncertain waters, the cards can be guides, marking the depths and shallows, gauging the currents and the tides.  And in dark times, the cards will be beacons, illuminating and showing the way.

Over time, these magical images will become old friends, inhabiting your thoughts and, perhaps, even your dreams.  Welcome home.